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Handcrafted Leather Goods

DÖTCH is a brand driven to find the perfect balance between style, function, durability and value on daily use leather products. Whilst the majority of the brands are focused on fast fashion and its mass scale production, DÖTCH is focused on a more longer thoughtful design process and exceptional quality created by our craftsmen. 

DÖTCH is not styled for a single occasion but all occasions. Whether its work, office, holidays or gym, we create products that are a larger representation of your values. Our sustainable products are ethically sourced and created with the highest levels of materials, craftsmanship, sincerity and integrity. The materials we use are full of character and age beautifully & gracefully with time. We have based our products on timeless classics that have been staples for everyone from all walks of life.

In continuation of our mantra -value, function and durability DÖTCH has created products that will be your companion in your everyday use. Our products- duffle bags, messenger bags, backpacks and rucksacks are made for people on the go who rely on their companions to be with them in their journeys.

We look forward to serving you.