Charity is injurious unless it helps the recipient to become independent of it

John D. Rockefeller Jr.



Loan sharks displacing households is a very common but unchecked issue in Nepal. Over the last few decades Nepal has seen a huge outflux of human resources to the Middle East and South East Asian countries in search for better sources of income. This however has come at a cost, the banking system in Nepal being very rigid and bureaucratic has forced many to approach loan sharks who provide quick and easy access to cover the costs of the visa, job application & travel. The interests in the loans provided by the private lenders are very high and many end up signing their property over as a collateral. The problem gets further compounded as many leave behind illetrate family members who have no understading of what they are putting their thumb print on. 


Estd in 2013, Sanvi co-operatives is people-centred enterprises owned and run by and for their members to realise their common dreams. It is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, equality, equity and solidarity. Its core objective is to provide affordable financial service to the poor (members of the co-operative) through the services of micro savings, micro insurance whilst generating new sources of income for the poor, women and disadvantaged groups in rural area.


Since its inception 11 women communities consiting of 10-15 members have been established. Each community colleactively make a decision on business ventures they want to pursue. Sanvi not only funds their business plans but also gives them access to training and development by inviting industry experts. This has resulted in establishing over 6 successful business ranging from handicraft business, general stores, vegegtable and dairy business. Not only have Sanvi protected the vulnerable from loan sharks but also has made under privileged and poor self relaible.


DÖTCH donates $1.50 from every sale to support Sanvi Co-operative. Since our partnership with Sanvi Co-operative in 2015, DÖTCH has donated over $4000 in various programmes- women enterpreneurship (7 succesful business have been established), set up eye camps to povide free treatment to the poor (over 100 patients treated), 5 safe drinking water sources have been setup and we have funded the local village school to provide free education to young boys & girls who come from a very poor backgroung. We are doing our bit to make a difference, so a massiv e thank you for your business.