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Which Leather is Best for Bags?

There are plenty of different types of leather for different uses. Top grain, corrected grain, genuine leather, nubuck and suede are all types of different splits from hides used to make different quality and textured leather, but when bags are concerned, full-grain is the way to go. 

Known for its strength & durability, full-grain leather is of the best/highest quality and is often the most desired form of leather; it is split from the thickest and most outer part of the hide, which gives it its resilience. It is extracted from just below the hair and is not been sanded, buffed or snuffed (as opposed to corrected grain) therefore it displays the most natural leather characteristics. A very popular and much-desired attribute of full grain leather is that it forms a patina over time with use. Just like your wine which gets better with time.

All our bags are handcrafted from full-grain buff leather - even our canvas bags feature full-grain leather finishes. 

Often when people hear the words "genuine leather" they instantly think of a high-quality premium leather product. Unfortunately, this is not the case it is often misleading, though it is real leather it is actually the third grade of leather. It is extracted from the lower, thinner layer of the hide, which is not as tough as Full-grain leather or Top Grain leather. Additional work is done on the surface to improve its quality to mirror higher-grade leather.

When buying a quality leather bag, you want to be sure of your investment and with a DOTCH bag, the quality of the leather is definitely something you can keep your peace of mind about.